Life was there

There are more than three hundred towns in Russia, which were formed as a result of the emergence of enterprises. People settled there, gaining stable jobs, starting families, and accumulating property. Today, many industrial towns are dying out, and locals are forced to look for work in larger cities. Volzhsk, a small town in the Mari Republic, is known for its wood processing plant. Since 2005, the city's population has stopped growing.

In "Life was there" Irina creates a pseudo-documentary story by using a digital collage, transferring images of people from "google street view" of Volzhsk's busy neighborhoods to the town's industrial landscapes. Google blurs the faces of passersby, thus protecting citizens' privacy. Such an inhabitation of empty landscapes by "faceless" characters turns into an artistic statement of the author through a metaphorical comparison of images of absence, the erasure of the personality. The faces of the characters dissolve in the abandoned space.